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Why is my ADSL slow?

If your ADSL speed is slower than normal your speed may have been 'shaped' if you reached your plan allowance. You can check your ADSL usage through the Members link on our web site.

Just note that your shaping date is NOT the first of the month and varies from customer to customer. If you want to know your shaping date, ask us and we'll look it up for you. ADSL speeds can also be affected by faults on your phone line. These faults need to be reported to your phone company.

If you are not sure what is happening, call us and we'll help you.

It may also be that there is a problem with telephone equipment in your house or something is wrong with your phone line.

Please disconnect all telephone equipment at the wall plug (it is important it is at the wall end), but not the ADSL modem and see if the internet connection improves.

If there is no improvement then please call us.














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