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What do I do if the ADSL internet connection stops working?

Fault finding on ADSL connections can be hard work as there are many reasons why the ADSL connection may stop working. Try these steps as a starting point:

  1. Turn the ADSL modem off for 20 secs then turn it back on again. Please be patient as some modems can take 2 minutes to re-establish an internet connection. 
  2. Check that all the telephone and PC cables are firmly in place. This check surprises some people as they say nothing has changed however we have observed that women using vacuum cleaners often accidently disconnect cables. 
  3. Check the ADSL modem still has dial tone. Find a telephone and take the telephone lead out of the ADSL modem and plug it into the telephone. If you have no dial tone on the phone, there may be a problem with your telephone line or cabling in the house. 
  4. Test the connection with a spare ADSL modem. Skip this step if you do not have a spare modem and do not know how to configure it to work with your login settings. 
  5. Scan your PC for viruses. Many viruses disable the internet connection from your use. This is the reason why your anti-virus software needs to always be up-to-date. If the virus has stopped you using the internet you cannot get updates. Note that the virus software is still probably using the internet connection even though you cannot. 
  6. Call us on (03) 9001 8555. You have done everything you can and we'll check our systems. 

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